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Features and Commands

Smart BotAI Scripting Function

Ever wonder how to programatically farm your character efficiently? Wanted to make sequenced tasks but due to game's limited functionality you can't make it? This feature is for you! With our BotAI Smart Scripting, you can make your own Macros using our Addon. From farming using your Genetics, Doing Daily Tasks, and everything you can think of!

How to Activate:
• /botai on/off - to turn on/off BotAI Script
• /botai load - to load your downloaded script
• /botai dl [script name] - to download your script.

Exchange Snap Notifier

You will gain access to our inhouse Exchange/Market Sniffer which will notify you whenever your required item is on the market. 

Our inhouse Exchange Market Sniffer provides you real-time prices of the items inside the exchange shop.

Our Exchange Market Sniffer supports the following servers:
• Ragnarok Mobile SEA - EL and MP Server
• Ragnarok Mobile Global/NA Server
• Ragnarok Mobile Europe Server

Enchanced MVP Board

Shows the exact spawn time of MVP and MINI Bosses at the MVP Board in HH:MM:SS format. Sorts out the list to see which MVP/MINI spawns first at a descending order.

How to Activate:
• Just open up the mvp board and you are good to go!

Enchanced Target Information

RO Mobile UI features a informative window for the current selected target. It shows the current HP, Max HP, Race, Type/Element/Weakness, Size and Nature of the Monster/Player!

Assistive Auto Quest

Ragnarok Mobile Ultra-Instinct has an exclusive function, the auto-execution of quests! What it does is it helps you complete any quest for you! It does all the talkings/killings/collections. Best for semi-afk players with little interactions to the game.

How to Execute Quests:
• Click the quest from your quest bar, UI will auto execute it until its finish.

• Some quests in game cannot be executed or not supported. Like quests where you are looking for a missing npc, etc.
• 99% of the time auto quest work.

Instant Gear Switching

Ever wonder how to quickly change gears during clash? Well then this is the answer for you! Ability to save and load gear equipment in just a click of a button! You can save upto 10 gear setup.

How to Save Gears:
1. Equip your desired gears to be saved
2. type in the command /gs save # where # is the slot you want to save it. Slots 1 to 4

How to Equip Gears:
1. Open emoji window and click the EGG emoji.

Auto Potion

With the use of Ragnarok Mobile UI, you can now set your items to auto trigger according to certain condition/criteria. Critera are HP, SP or BOTH. Auto Potion supports PANACEA as well!

How to Activate:
• Open your bag and put your desired item on your item bar.
• Close the bag and hold/long press the item on the item bar to activate the UI.
• Set your desired criteria/condition and turn on!

Notes: For auto use of PANACEA, just turn on the Auto Potion without changing any of the settings.

Enhanced Zoom Levels

Have you ever get bored of the default zoom level of the Ragnarok Mobile? Well then this feature is for you! With the use of ROMUI, your zoom limit is doubled! You can now easily see monsters from afar.

Notes: This feature is NOT a map-hack where you can see all monsters from different location like MVP Spawn point etc. This is simply to remove the restriction limit of zooming out.

Enhance Item Tool Tip

Ragnarok Mobile UI Features ability to see drop rates of items to the Monster Information.

Enhance Skill Tool Tip

Shows additional Information regarding the Skill's actual Variable and Fixed Cast Time

Experience Calculator

Wonder how long you need to grind to level up? Well then this is for you! ROM UI has the ability to calculate your Experience Gain per hour giving you the idea how many monsters to kill and how many experience needed before leveling up.

How to Active:
• /exp on/off - To enable/disable Experience Calculator.
• /exp reset - To reset Experience Calculator stat.

Zeny Calculator

How about your Zeny Gain Per Hour? ROM UI will be able to give you this information! Moe' Money Moe' Gears!

How to Active:
• /zeny on/off - To enable/disable Zeny Calculator.
• /zeny reset - To reset Zeny Calculator stat.

All Available Addon Commands

All commands below are only available when the addon is properly installed and running. You should also have an existing/active subscription to be able to use the commands. When In-Game, its suggested to type the commands on a blank whisper window for safety purpose.

UI Utilities

  • /loginTo verify and initiate your addon.
  • /logoutTo disable addon completely. Game restart is required.
  • /settingsShow all activated commands.
  • /settings resetReset your current settings to default. Useful when you messed up with the settings.
  • /helpShow all available commands in game.


  • /hp on/offTurn on/off Enchanced Target Information.
  • /fps #Unlock and set maximum FPS. Value: 1 to 240.
  • /refreshRefreshes the client by freeing garbage and re-caching.
  • /pingCheck your current latency in game.
  • /recon or /rcReconnect your game when disconnected.

MVP Assistive Module

  • /mvp on/offTurn on/off mvp assistive module.
  • /mvp resetReset MVP Module counter.
  • /mvp autoSet tracking to auto attack and auto move to boss location when visible.
  • /mvp manualSet tracking only to auto move to boss location when visible. No auto attack.
  • /mvp mini / mvp / allSet Target and Notification to MVP / MINI or ALL. Default setting is ALL
  • /mvpboard mini / mvp / allSet MVP Board filter to MVP / MINI or ALL. Default setting is ALL
  • /mvpnotif on/offTurn on/off popup notification.
  • Example Usage:
  • /mvp onTurn on MVP Module.
  • /mvp mvpSet my target to MVP only. Ignore MINIs.

Auto Trick Dead

  • /afk on/offTurn on/off Auto Trick Dead.
  • /afk sp min,maxSet SP condition based on the minimum value and maximum value of % of SP.
  • /afk hp min,maxSet HP condition based on the minimum and maximum value of % of HP.
  • Example Usage:
  • /afk onTurn on Auto Trick Dead.
  • /afk sp 30,50Set SP condition to Min: 30% and Max: 50%. If your sp is below 30% it will use auto trick dead. If your sp reaches 50%, it will stand up.
  • /afk hp 20,40Set HP condition to Min: 20% and Max: 40%. If your hp is below 30% it will use auto trick dead. If your sp reaches 40%, it will stand up.

Enhanced Auto Skill Extension

  • /as on/offTurn on/off auto skills extension.
  • /as listSee your current auto and manual skills.
  • /as resetReset your current extended skill lists.
  • /as 1,2,3,...Set desired manual skill slot number act as auto skill.
  • Example Usage:
  • /as 1,2,5,6,9,10Set manual skill slot numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 10 as an auto skill.
  • /as onTurn on Auto Skill Extension.

Self-Target AoE Skills

  • /selftarget on/offTurn on/off self-target module.
  • /selftarget allSet all your AoE skills as self-target.
  • /selftarget listGet available AoE skills and their corresponding skill id.
  • /selftarget resetReset your registered self-target list.
  • /selftarget a,b,c,d...Set desired skill id as self-target.
  • Example Usage:
  • /selftarget 800,91Set Meteor Storm (ID: 800) and Safety Wall (ID: 90) as self-targets.
  • /selftarget onTurn on self-target module.

Zeny/Exp Calculator

  • /zeny on/offTurn on/off zeny calculator.
  • /zeny resetReset zeny calculator counter.
  • /exp on/offTurn on/off exp calculator.
  • /exp resetReset exp calculator counter.
  • Example:

No-Party Auto Follow Module

  • /follow on/offTurn on/off auto follow module.
  • /follow character-idFollow specific character using their character id.
  • /follow cell #Set minimum follow radius between you and the player.
  • Example Usage:
  • /follow 4291234567Set follow leader..
  • /follow cell 5Restrict a minimum distance of 5.
  • /follow onTurn on the module.

Auto Suicide and Auto Resurrect

  • /suicide on/offTurn on/off auto suicide module.
  • /suicide saveSave current spot are your return point.
  • /autoresu on/offAuto resurrect character upon dying.

Auto Food Buff / Auto Use Item

  • /foodbuff on [food-id]Turn on Auto Eat Food using specific Food Buff ID.
  • /foodbuff offTurn off Auto Eat Food.
  • /useitem on/offTurn on/off UseItem module.
  • /useitem [id] [interval in seconds] [count -optional]Add an Item to the UseItem list.
  • /useitem clearClear your current UseItem list.
  • /useitem listShow your current UseItem list.
  • Example Usage:
  • /foodbuff on 551125Turn on auto food buff and will eat Green - BBQ Food (ID: 551125)
  • /useitem 12026 900Add Awakening Potion (ID: 12026) on the UseItem list and will be used at every 900 seconds (interval)
  • /useitem 12026 900 2Add Awakening Potion (ID: 12026) on the UseItem list and will be used 2 times at every 900 seconds (interval)
  • /useitem onTurn on the module.

Auto Mount and Auto Switch Pets

  • /automount on/offTurn on/off auto equip mount module.
  • /petswitch on/offTurn on/off auto switch of Orc Pet, Orc Baby Pet and Obeaune Pet when necessary.

Auto Converter to Arrows

  • /convert windwill auto convert to arrow of wind.
  • /convert icewill auto convert to crystal arrow.
  • /convert flamewill auto convert to fire arrow.
  • /convert earthwill auto convert to stone arrow.
  • Usage:
  • 1. Go to Payon Town.
  • 2. Type the required command. /convert wind/flame/ice/earth
  • 3. Talk to the NPC (Sniper)

Auto Quest Assistant

  • /quest on/offTurn on/off Auto Quest Assistance. Note: Some quests cannot be automated especially when the Quest do not have any tracker information.
  • Example Usage:
  • /quest onTurn on Auto Quest Assistance

Gear Switch Module

  • /gs save #Save your current equipped gears, cards and enchant level to a gear slot. Slot can be from 1 to maximum of 100.
  • /gs eq #Equip saved gear setup.
  • /gs set #Increase/decrease maximum emoji gear switch. Maximum emoji set is 10.
  • Example Usage:
  • /gs save 1Save current equipment into Slot number 1.
  • /gs eq 1Equip the saved gear switch setup number 1.
  • Quick Change Gear:
  • Open Emoji Window and Click the Egg Emoji.

Shops / Guild Donation

  • /shop or /marketOpen Exchange Shop window.
  • /gdonateOpen Guild Donate window.
  • /buy shop-nameOpen a shop window.
  • /shopfilter on/offTurn on/off Exchange Shop filtering.
  • /shopfilter a,b,c,d...Set a shop filter. You can enter multipler filter at once using comma.
  • Available Shops:
  • /buy greedyGreedy Shop.
  • /buy eventEvent Dealer Shop.
  • /buy toolTool Dealer Shop.
  • /buy funtoyToys / Bard Shop.
  • /buy advskillAdventurer Skill Shop.
  • /buy mora1 or mora2Mora Coin Shop.
  • /buy food1 or food2Food A and B Shops.
  • /buy cook1 or cook2 or cook3Cooking Ingredient Shops.
  • /buy luckyLucky Dealer Shop.
  • Note: It is recommended to open shops at their designated map for your own safety.
  • Example Shop Filters:
  • • morale, sharp, sharpblade, arcane, tenacity, etc..
  • • atk, matk, dex, int, str, vit, phydmg, etc...

Flywing/Flylock Modules

  • /flycd #Modify current flywing cooldown. You must follow Storage Trick for this to work. Default cooldown is 1 sec.
  • /autofw on/offTurn on/off Danger-Flywing module to auto flywing when your HP drops below 30% to avoid getting killed.
  • /flylock on/offTurn on/off flywing lock feature.
  • /flylock id1,id2,id3Set desired mob ids as flylock target.
  • /flylock add idAdd specific mob id on the current flylock list.
  • /flylock clearClear current flylock list.
  • /flylock currentShow your current flylock list.
  • Storage Trick:
  • 1. Set your desired Flywing Cooldown by typing /flycd #.
  • 2. Go to Kafra and open Storage.
  • 3. Store all your Flywing (Normal and Giant) to storage.
  • 4. Get all your flywing back.
  • 5. Flycd is now properly activated.

Multi-Mob Target Module

  • /multimob on/offTurn on/off Multi-Mob module.
  • /multimob listList available monster and their corresponding ID in current Map.
  • /multimob id1,id2,id3Set desired mob ids as multimob target.
  • /multimob add idAdd specific mob id on the current multimob list.
  • /multimob clearClear current multimob list.
  • /multimob currentShow your current multimob list.
  • Example Usage:
  • /multimob 10024,10017Set Thara Frog (ID: 10024) and Hydra (ID: 10017) as multimob targets.
  • /multimob onTurn on the module.

Party/Follow Management

  • /etOpen Endless Tower anywhere.
  • /et #Jump to specific floor on endless tower.
  • /acceptpt on/offAuto accept all incoming party requests.
  • /acceptet on/offAuto accept all incoming endless tower requests.
  • /acceptflw on/offAuto accept all incoming follow requests.

Class Specific Modules

  • Bow User Exclusive:
  • /arswitch on/offTurn on/off auto arrow switch for bow users.
  • Sage Exclusive:
  • /sagecast on/offTurn on/off auto bolt switch for sage users.
  • Priest Exclusive:
  • /buffer on/offBuff specific character even without party. *Limited to non-party buff skills only such as Heal/Kyrie/Resu/Bless.
  • /buffer character-idInclude character as target to buffer list.
  • /buffer resetReset buffer list.
  • /debuff on/offAuto Lex and Decrease Agi for MVP and MINI monsters.
  • /support on/offRemove buffing restrictions of some skill where they will be casted only when your leader is engage in battle.
  • Example Usage:
  • /follow 4291234567Set follow leader..
  • /follow cell 5Restrict a minimum distance of 5.
  • /follow onTurn on the module.

Lockspot Farming Module

  • /ls on/offTurn on/off lockspot module.
  • /ls saveSave your current coordiante as return point.
  • /ls #Set your desired farming radius. Can be set from 0 to 200.

SkillCast Module

  • /skillcast on/offTurn on/off SkillCast module.
  • /skillcast save #Save your current position into specific slot that will be used for skill casting.
  • /skillcast clear skillClear all current registered skill set.
  • /skillcast clear posClear all current registered position set.
  • /skillcast [skill_id] [position] [interval]Add your AoE Skill to the list with specific drop point and interval of casting.
  • Example Usage:
  • /skillcast save 1Set my current position and map to slot 1.
  • /skillcast save 5Set my current position and map to slot 5.
  • /skillcast 800 pos5 30Set Meteor Storm (ID: 800) to be casted at position 5 at every 30 seconds.
  • /skillcast 800 pos1 10Set Meteor Storm (ID: 800) to be casted at position 1 at every 10 seconds.
  • /skillcast onTurn on the module.

Enhance your Gaming Experience with Ultra-Instinct Now!

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken in preparation of this Addon, We accept no liability for accounts banned either direct or consequential while using the Addon. Do not misuse or abuse the Addon to ensure a safe and smooth gaming experience.